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How my little corgi teaches me how to age positively

I have a corgi named Einstein. He is vey smart and observing. At home he will always find a location where he can see everyone. He is nosy. No matter who, whenever we do something, he will always come sit close to the person and watch. He loves to take a walk with us. However when we go for a long hike, his short legs are big disadvantages. He tries to keep up with us, but after a few hours of walk, he will be so tired. I remembered once we hiked on Marine Headland, and he was so tried after a few hours of hike, he dig a flat on the beach and take a big nap. Einstein is always happy, feels contained with nice treats and enjoy our companies. When he grew old his spine was damaged and his real legs trembled constantly, but he wanted to take a walk still, even the day before he passed away, with the front legs pushing forward and my hand holding his body on the side. Einstein is a good friend, he teaches me to always enjoy the precious time, and keeps myself healthy so that I won't be a burden of my children.

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